Instant Online Health Insurance Quote Simplifies Health Insurance

quick online insurance quote testimonial
Quick Online Insurance Quote Testimonial
May 15, 2015
Why buy insurance online?
June 25, 2015

Instant Online Health Insurance Quote Simplifies Health Insurance

instant online health insurance quote

Why is health insurance so complicated? In spite of the fact that health insurance has been talked about almost vapidly the last 2 years, majority of Americans remain perplexed by the intricacies of health insurance. The reason is simple: consumers now have a chance to take control over their health treatments and costs mainly because of access to information via the Internet like the instant online health insurance quote and other critical information that will form the basis of a health insurance decision.

The latest research by the National Center for Health shows the highest number of Americans and US residents were covered by health insurance in 2014 compared to the last 4 decades. This is great news because it means 10 million plus Americans who were previously uninsured or underinsured are now properly covered by insurance. Of course much of this had to do with the almost panic-buying trend to comply with the Affordable Care Act. The good news is that it is now time to sit down and start crunching the numbers to get a better deal which means same features at a lower price. And it starts with the instant online health insurance quote.

instant online health insurance quote

How to Lower Health Insurance

The guidelines are easy to understand: shop and compare! With the online access to insurance companies and a myriad of information from expert insurance professionals, you can formulate and customize your health insurance coverage to fit your budget and your needs. Never before has information been so readily available to the majority. You don’t have to rely on one insurance agent’s point of view but can cross check every advice and recommendation you read by using the Internet. It also helps that insurance websites are putting out their own expert blogs about how to maximize health coverage and explain complex terms in a bid to win more clients.

What’s An Instant Online Health Insurance Quote?

The United States has a law called the Affordable Care Act which was passed in 2010. This law requires almost all Americans to buy health insurance or face having to pay a fine. Previous to this law, it was customary for workers to get health coverage as a benefit from their employers. Changes have been made to this set-up such as inclusion of 10 core benefits for everyone who is covered by health insurance and the premium rates.

One way to find out if you are paying too high is through the instant online health insurance quote. It is a free service to help you get a idea of how much health insurance will cost you. It is not the final rate because you will be required to eventually provide more details but it is fairly accurate.

It is recommended that if you do not have health coverage yet to purchase something before the tax season. If you are earning and have to file your tax returns, you will be required to provide proof of health coverage or pay a fine of $95 or higher (1% of your 2014 income). Next year, the fine will increase to 2% or $325 per person. This is only done to encourage Americans to buy health coverage which is ultimately for their benefit. Go ahead and request for your free instant online health insurance quote now.

Health Insurance is Necessary & Important

Every responsible adult will agree that having health insurance makes sense. It is a safeguard against unexpected medical expenses, helps to cover medical maintenance costs for those with pre-existing conditions, and can be relied on to pay for dental, annual visits and check-ups, and other preventive measures without out-of-pocket costs.

As long as you have health insurance, you also get added benefits depending on your plan. There is the rescission which is a practice wherein health insurance companies will not be allowed to cancel your plan if you get sick and there is the rebate feature that some insurance companies offer to customers who do not use their coverage during the period covered. You can find out what benefits you qualify for after you request for the instant online health insurance quote. Plus, children up to 26 years old are allowed to be listed under their parents insurance which is a provision under the new health insurance law which has been met with enthusiasm and “high fives” by those who are just starting to get on their feet and into the work force.instant online health insurance quote

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