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Universal life insurance is a permanent form of policy coverage. In this plan, it is possible to change the premiums terms during the policy period. This type of plan is also beneficial because the premiums go into an interest bearing account.

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Your universal life plan will be somewhat different than a whole life or term life plan. The primary difference is by buying a universal plan you are also creating tax-deferred investment account.

You can make loans or withdraw the cash from a universal life plan through a money surrender scheme. The number of withdrawals or loans varies, depending on the insurer. Getting your quotes online will give you this information regarding the loans and withdrawals allowed as per each company.

Pros And Cons of Getting Universal Life Insurance Quotes Online:

Remember, universal plans are a mixture of both term life as well as whole life plans. There are certain advantages to it as compared to the other two types of policies. The main advantage is that it offers permanent security.

As discussed above, it offers low risk investment accounts, with no need of any tax payments for the money in the account. This allows it to grow without any additional tax burden on you. Plus, it offers both the face value, as well as, premium flexibility.

The one downside is that while they offer flexibility, they do not offer any guarantees in terms of returns. Thus, the money you put into your universal life investment account may underperform the market as a whole. Also, your policy will become invalid if you stop paying your premiums.

We recommend that you get as many free quotes online as possible and compare them with whole life quotes and term life quotes. Then pick the one that fits you budget and your needs.

Just make sure that you understand the various advantages and disadvantages of each plan. Any reputable provider will be able to fully explain how their various policies work. And you should never be afraid to ask if you don’t understand something.

Final Words:

If you are looking for the cheapest coverage out there odds are it is not a universal plan. However, it does offer the advantages of a tax savings account. It is ideal for people who want to build cash value. So, depending on your situation it may be right for you.

The only way you will know for sure, is get your universal life insurance quotes online right now. You can do for free in an instant below. Simply select your state and away you go.